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SCR - Transport Board - Friday, 19th July, 2019 10.00 am

Venue: 11 Broad Street West, Sheffield S1 2BQ

Contact: SCR Governance Team 

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Governance Terms of Reference pdf icon PDF 163 KB

Additional documents:


A report was received to summarise the approved governance arrangements for the Transport Board, approved by the Mayoral Combined Authority and the Local Enterprise Partnership.


Members were asked to note the intention to convene the Board on an 8 weekly basis.


An explanation of the relationship between the Board and the Transport Executive Board was provided. It was noted the Executive Board will be chaired by Sarah Norman and will act as the chief officer group, delegated to take decisions on certain matters and with an agenda aligned to that of the Transport Board.


Cllr Read requested further clarity regarding the mechanics of the Board’s decision making process. It was confirmed that as the Board is not a constituted Board of the MCA, the delegation to take a decision lies with the representative of the Head of Paid Service, in consultation with the Chair, who may take a decision if unanimously supported by the Board members. It was noted that any lack of unanimity on a matter to be considered would result in the matter being escalated to the MCA.


RESOLVED, that the Board:


1.         Notes the approved governance arrangements.


2.         Notes the proposed future scheduling of meetings.


Centrally Managed Local Transport Programmes pdf icon PDF 171 KB

Additional documents:


A report was received to provide the Board with an overview of the centrally managed local transport programmes currently being delivered through the four South Yorkshire local transport authorities and SYPTE and to outline the current key actions which may require more detailed presentation to Transport Board in the future.


This report commented on the status of the three centrally managed South Yorkshire local transport programmes (Integrated Transport Block (ITB), Highways Capital Maintenance (HCM) and Sustainable Travel Access Fund (STAF)) with explanations provided to explain the remits of these funds.


It was noted ITB is a single capital allocation used by the four South Yorkshire local authorities and SYPTE (the partners) to deliver high volume, low cost projects and interventions to address operational management priorities and developing needs on the local transport network. HCM is paid as a capital grant to BMBC, DMBC and RMBC for the maintenance of their respective transport network and assets and STAF is a three-year programme of revenue-based activities to support active travel investment and travel mode behaviour change in South Yorkshire.


Members considered the significant issue of the limited availability of revenue funding to support the delivery of the transport capital programmes (noting this is an issue too for non-transport programmes) and discussed what might be done to affect this matter and avoid revenue funded posts being lost in March 2020.


It was proposed the new Prime Minister and new DfT Ministers’ attention should be drawn to this matter and suggested a letter should be sent from the Mayor or Commissioner requesting this matter be addressed. It was also suggested the new network of Active Travel Commissioners or the Urban Transport Group might be well positioned to make similar representations.


The Board was advised on what actions are being progressed to address the points raised by the external audit of the Integrated Transport Block’s governance arrangements. It was noted an update on these matters would be tabled at the next meeting.


RESOLVED, that the Board:


1.         Notes the update on how the South Yorkshire local transport programmes are funded and managed.


2.         Agrees to receive a further report at the next Transport Board on the outcome of the review of the Integrated Transport Block (ITB)


3.         Notes the need to find alternative funding to continue programmes currently funded by the Sustainable Travel Access Fund (STAF)


Update On The Bus Review pdf icon PDF 276 KB

Additional documents:


A report was received to provide an update on progress with the Mayoral Bus Review, led by Clive Betts MP.


It was noted the review panel now benefits from representation by service users.


Members were provided with information regarding the key lines of enquiry being investigated by the Panel. It was noted these include consideration of why people don’t use buses and means are in place to seek input from non-service users.


It was emphasised the work of the Panel is not focussed on matters related to refranchising and instead is looking at how the bus offer can be made fit for the 21st Century.


Members were advised of the various ways feedback is being sought and what additional activities are in place to facilitate the capture of the views of specific stakeholders, sectors and demographics.


The Board agreed the need for a strong evidence base, and was advised on which partners had been engaged to ensure this element of the project is delivered. Members requested this includes evidence drawn from other case studies nationally.


Concerns were noted that  the consultation is not prominent on the SCR website and requested this matter be addressed. It was also requested appropriate links be put in place to use the chambers of commerce to engender input from the wider business community.


RESOLVED, that the Board note the contents of the report.



Transport Strategy Implementation Plans pdf icon PDF 348 KB


A report was received to provide an update on the Sheffield City Region (SCR) Transport Strategy and the development of the associated Implementation Plans.


It was noted the Strategy identifies four key programmes of work to be organised around rail, active travel, roads and the strategic transit network (with discrete implementation plans to be developed for each), with additional cross cutting work programmes around future mobility and air quality.


It was noted the next meeting will receive a detailed update on the Roads Implementation Plan.


RESOLVED, that the Board note the contents of the paper.


Integrated Rail Plan pdf icon PDF 209 KB


A report was received to provide an update on the progress in developing an Integrated Rail Plan for the City Region.


It was noted the final plan had now been circulated


RESOLVED, that the Board notes the process for adopting the Integrated Rail Plan at the MCA.


Active Travel Update pdf icon PDF 167 KB

Additional documents:


A report was received to provide an update on the work of the Active Travel Programme, being led by the SCR’s Active Travel Commissioner, Dame Sarah Storey and the Advisory Board for Active Travel (ABAT).


It was noted that to steer the programme of work, the Commissioner has developed four key pledges for active travel; being led by our communities; enabling cycling and walking rather than encouraging it; infrastructure to meet minimum standards and infrastructure to be fully accessible.


The Board was provided with details of the ‘infrastructure meeting minimum standards’ pledge and informed a further report on this matter would be presented at the next meeting. Members were informed there is no aim to create a new design manual as well as getting agreement on minimum standards.


Feedback was provided on the recent meeting of the Active Travel Commissioners.


It was reported that as part of the joined up, ‘lobbying with other Mayors and Commissioners across the UK’ process, the Mayor and Commissioner have already written to the Secretary of State for Transport with ‘five asks’, the first of which is a continuous funding stream for active travel to provide long term certainty over infrastructure funding.


The Terms of Reference for the ABAT were presented for information.


The Board discussed the relationship between direct investment in cycling, and the need for this to be supported by additional indirect investment, such as investment by employers in adequate showers and storage facilities (with the suggestion the SCR / PTE should show leadership on this matter).


It was also considered how local buy in (from the public and ward Councillors) is required to ensure the success of new cycling initiatives.


It was confirmed that schemes with a cycling element that precede the minimum standards debate will not be expected to undergo scheme redesign to make them cycle infrastructure compliant.


It was requested ABAT give consideration to the importance of adequate route signage.

The Board discussed attitudes to cycling (from cyclists and non-cyclists) and what more could be done to make these more positive, and requested more be done to engage people who never cycle or don’t like cyclists.


RESOLVED, that the Board:


1.    Notes the progress made in developing the active travel programme, and the appointed of a Commissioner and the active travel team


2.    Endorses the creation of an Active Travel Advisory Board and the associated Terms of Reference


3.    Agrees to the creation of a set of minimum standards for active travel infrastructure



Transport for the North Update pdf icon PDF 176 KB

Additional documents:


A report was received to provide an update on the work of Transport for the North (TfN) and the implications for the City Region.


It was agreed it will be important going forward for all Board members to be appropriately sighted on all TfN matters, to inform what is being discussed at TfN meetings by the SCR representatives.


A report provided a summary update on TfN matters of current importance.


The Mayor commented on historic lack of transport investment across the North and the need to use all means possible to redress this matter.


It was noted a number of TfN-led matters would be tabled for more detailed n at future meetings.


RESOLVED, note the Board:


1.    Notes the contents of the report


2.    Notes the role it will take in providing guidance on future priorities and engagements with Transport for the North.



Supertram Update pdf icon PDF 163 KB


A report was received to provide an update on progress to date on the operation and long-term renewal of the Supertram asset in South Yorkshire.


The options associated with the renewal of the existing asset were considered in detail. It was noted that a local contribution would be required to fund works should the system be wholly renewed.


Members questioned whether it may be ascertained that the figures quoted are accurate, noting instances where this hasn’t always been the case with major schemes. However, it was noted the renewal costs had been independently arrived at by a number of academically informed studies.


Consideration was given to whether there will be any financial complexities to address when the current concession with SYSL expires in 2014.

Steve indicated he would investigate this matter in more detail.


Members were advised that the options considered as alternates to full system renewal (such as partial renewals or the retrofitting of existing vehicles) were not necessarily cheaper than the full renewal option.


RESOLVED, that the Board:


1.    Notes the background information on the development of the Supertram network and its current performance


2.    Notes the progress made to date on the development of the Outline Business Case (OBC) seeking funding from government for the renewal of the asset.


3.    Notes the options being considered, the financial aspects of the options described and the approach to identifying and securing a local contribution to the capital costs.



SYPTE Transport Executive Board Dashboard pdf icon PDF 383 KB



The intended Board reporting dashboard was tabled for information and approved.


RESOLVED, that the Board notes the style and detail of the dashboard.


Any Other Business


It was noted trials of hydrogen fuelled trains may commence soon and questioned how the SCR might be best-placed engage with future trials.