Jayne Hampshire

Title: Business Operations Manager

Additional Information

Business Operations Manager’s Role


Providing business management leadership across the MCA and LEP office covering a range of activities including business co-ordination, HR and training services, office management, finance, business resilience, IT and the delivery of change and development initiatives.  Working closely with the relevant Statutory Officers and their delegates to effectively co-ordinate within the MCA team planning and operations, to support the objectives and ensure linkage across the MCA Executive team functions and programmes.


Main Responsibilities:


·       Develop, implement, and manage effective corporate, business unit, operational and customer requirements, ensuring the statutory responsibilities are adequately fulfilled

·       Support the delivery of significant change initiatives

·       Manage SLAs for shared services provided to the Executive Team

·       Maintain the efficiency of the MCA Head Office by planning and implementing office systems, layouts and space requirement and equipment procurement