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MCA - Transport and the Environment Board

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Information about MCA - Transport and the Environment Board

The purpose of the Transport and Environment Board is to provide leadership, development of policy and the delivery of a programme of activity aligned to the priorities of the Strategic Economic Plan and the Recovery Action Plan and other approved strategies associated with transport and the environment as well as to provide direction for and oversee the performance of South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE).


The role of the Transport and Environment Board is to:


·         Oversee the implementation of the Transport Strategy

·         Lead the implementation of the Climate Emergency Response Framework

·         Shape future policy development and priorities on issues related to transport and the environment

·         Develop new transport programmes and environmental programmes

·         Make investment decisions within the agreed budget and policy on transport, as delegated by the Mayoral Combined Authority (MCA)

·         Accept grants with a value of less than £2 million

·         Monitor programme delivery and performance on transport and on the environment

·         Oversee the performance of SYPTE in delivering operational transport services and its capital programme and providing SYPTE with political direction.


The meetings are not held in public; however, members of public can submit a question to the Transport and Environment Board. For more information click here.


Transport and Environment Board’s Terms of Reference can be found in the constitution.


This Board took over from the Transport Board on the 21  September 2020.