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Health and Safety Update/Report


L Sutton presented a quarterly report of the health and safety issues within the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority organisation and estate.


The key points arising from Members’ discussion were summarised below:-


·        Dr Smith had recently visited the interchange and met with employees. A review of the number of anti-social behaviour incidents at Barnsley Interchange, has taken place and steps to discuss collaborative working arrangements with street wardens and South Yorkshire Police (SYP) to address the issue.  There was no correlation between the anti-social behaviour incidents.  The increase in the number of incidents had resulted from better reporting.

·        Signage had been ordered to prevent individuals from walking across the runway at Barnsley Interchange.  Work would be undertaken to prevent Google Maps from directing people to walk across the runway.

·        Members were referred to the significant anti-social behaviour issue that had been attributed to by a few individuals at Barnsley Interchange in 2017.  The matter had been resolved through liaison with the local youth services and probation.  T Taylor suggested that the same process could be undertaken if required.

·        In relation to the increase of incidents at Meadowhall Interchange, L Sutton hoped to meet with the Travel Safe Officer, the Travel Safe Officer for SYP, the SYP team which were located within Meadowhall and the British Transport Police to ascertain whether any targeted work could be undertaken.


In relation to the transport operators’ accident details, Councillor Jones highlighted that Stagecoach had not submitted any details in relation to accidents.  He queried whether any of the accidents had led to legal representation by the complainants, and SYMCA’s responsibility for those accidents which were attributable to Stagecoach whilst on SYMCA’s premises.


T Taylor replied that periodic reporting was received from Stagecoach.  He was unaware of any accidents that had led to legal representation by the complainants; he would ascertain the position.  He would remind Stagecoach of the request to provide accident and health and safety statistics to be fed into the report.  There was not a definitive view in relation to SYMCA’s responsibility for those accidents that had occurred on its premises, which would be dependent upon the nature of the accidents; legal council could be sought if required.

ACTION:-  T Taylor to ascertain whether there was any SYMCA litigation that had resulted from accidents with the operators.


In response to a request made by Councillor Lofts for further analysis of the incidents that occurred at Barnsley Interchange, T Taylor commented that the issues initially tended to start from outside of the footprint of the estate and moved into the premise.  The incidents predominately involved young people of school age.  Body cameras were worn by all of the operatives within the site, and the camera footage could be used if required.


L Sutton had recently observed a headmaster from a local school that now stood outside of the Barnsley Interchange on a morning, who would move on the children from his school if they were stood outside of the premise.


Following the lifting of the COVID-19 Plan B restrictions, A Marshall queried SYMCA’s plans to encourage staff to return back into the workplace.


Dr Adams commented that the detail was currently being worked through.  SYMCA was an organisation that was predominately office based, but consideration would be given to enabling additional flexibilities to enhance remote working; instructions were being provided within the All Staff Briefings.  Social distancing was currently being maintained through the building, and staff could book a workstation in advance.  The Management Board was considering the longer-term policy to enable the best blend of hybrid working.


RESOLVED – That the Committee noted and discussed the contents of the report.


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