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The MCA Review and New Governance Model


A report on The MCA Review and New Governance Model was presented, following the review of LEP’s triggered by Government, and the request of the Mayor and Leaders to undertake a review of the organisation.


Following a period of extensive engagement and feedback, the report presented final proposals, including:

  • A new governance model, based on a Cabinet leadership style, led by the Mayor and with Leaders holding portfolio responsibilities,
  • Proposals to streamline decision making, such as the cessation of all Thematic Boards,
  • That the final meeting of the LEP Board would take place in July, with a new Business Advisory Board and a Mayors Economic Advisory Council beginning to meet from September.


It was noted that significant operational changes had also already been undertaken and were set out in the report.


The Board gave their thanks to all who had played a part in the MCA’s previous governance structures and also those who had given feedback during the review process. The contribution of LEP Board members in particular was praised, noting that they had contributed so much time to the LEP and MCA’s work.


RESOLVED: That the Board:

1.    Note the summary of feedback from stakeholder engagement set out in Section 2, together with the full list of consultees and contributors in Appendix A.

2.    Support the overall progress set out in the report, to drive change as summarised in Sections 5 and 6.

3.    Agree the following work to be taken forward following completion of the Review, specifically

o   The implementation of a new model of governance and decision making that strengthens openness and transparency and is fit for the future, based upon the principles set out in Section 3. It is intended that the new arrangements will become fully operational in the September cycle, with the Thematic Boards ceasing from now (given the timing in the Municipal Calendar) and a final meeting of the LEP Board in July. Transitional arrangements will be worked up during June and July. If these proposals are agreed a further report detailing the revised constitutional changes will be presented to the next meeting of the MCA Board.

o   Implementation of the new proposals for meaningful engagement of businesses within the MCA structures through the Mayor’s Economic Advisory Council and the new Business Advisory Board (as set out in Section 3 and Appendix B). This will ensure a strong, independent, and local business voice.

o   Development of the Prospectus for Growth (set out in Section 4) as an underpinning investment prospectus of the SEP that will proactively promote South Yorkshire to Government and private investors to bring greater investment into the region. It will act as a key positioning document to influence government policy, investment and devolved funding and powers, sitting alongside the emerging Place Plans

o   Taking forward a programme of organisational development that supports the ongoing improvements within the MCA and helps sustain progress improvements in performance and delivery.

Note that a Revised Constitution will be brought to the next meeting for consideration by the Board.

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