Agenda and minutes

MCA - Local Enterprise Partnership - Thursday, 12th May, 2022 11.00 am

Venue: Meeting Room G3/4, 11 Broad Street West, Sheffield, S1 2BQ

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Welcome and Apologies


L Nickson acknowledged Dave Smith is resigning at the end of June and gave thanks for his contributions in a range of areas.


Mayoral Update


Mayor Coppard was welcomed to the meeting; he gave thanks for his welcome and discussed working for the LEP some 7-8 years ago and that it is wonderful to be back. After 7 months of campaigning, he was looking forward to delivering on commitments and is looking forward to working with everyone. 



Declarations of Interest

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There were no declarations of interest in relation to the agenda items for discussion at the meeting.


There were no declarations of interest in relation to any activity since the last formal Board meeting.


There were no declarations of interest in relation to any forthcoming activity.


Notes of Last Meeting from 10 March 2022 pdf icon PDF 251 KB


RESOLVED – That the notes of the previous meeting held on 10 March 2022 were agreed to be an accurate record.


South Yorkshire Innovation Board pdf icon PDF 136 KB

Additional documents:


A report was presented which summarised the South Yorkshire Innovation Board paper. Good progress has been made following the meeting in January. During the summit, the intention of establishing the board was made public and Lynda Shillaw, Chief Executive of Harworth, has been appointed as interim chair. Lynda brings with her a wealth of financial experience. The paper highlighted the general approach in getting the board up and running and the timeline for approaching board members with an intention for it to go live in July.


Members queried resources for the Innovation Board and were assured access to resources to support innovation would be available.


Clarity was sought in regard to the relationship between the Innovation Board and other structures, eg academia and FE, for example, to ensure the best possible opportunity to succeed in its purpose.  It was acknowledged that this is incredibly important and work to set relationships out will continue to be progressed.


Members commented that The Innovation Board needs to be seen as the place where wisdom is developed and therefore needs freedom to explore opportunities. Board Members confirmed that the Innovation Board should  concentrate on doing a fewer things well, and not be spread too thinly.


There was a discussion on the representation and relationship between local academia and the Home Win team, with further work to be done to clarify relationships.


L Nickson acknowledged that reflection and discussions will continue.


Dr Dave Smith stated that now Mayor Coppard was in post, conversations with several key people to collate and refashion thinking is essential. Once this has been explored, it will be helpful to report back to the board, with the possibility of propagating the results through mini summits to engage the public and private sector.



Integrated Rail Plan: Strategic Positioning Response and Actions pdf icon PDF 100 KB


Martin Swales and Jonathan Spruce presented the Integrated Rail Plan and sought views on the outcome of the IRP published in November and the subsequent evaluation work with local authority colleagues.


The plan identified a number of positive elements, challenges and opportunities to influence, and noted that it is important to determine their position to give South Yorkshire the strongest stance in the forum.


The IRP for South Yorkshire details a single set of actions to strengthen South Yorkshire’s position.


The immediate actions and priorities are:

  • Serving Leeds by HS2
  • Getting HS2 to Sheffield
  • Midland Mainline Electrification
  • East Coast Mainline Upgrade


Short term quick wins:

  • Secure the second fastest train to Leeds via Dearne Valley
  • Secure the third fast train to Manchester
  • Enhance capacity at Sheffield Midland Station
  • Develop and deliver
  • City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement rail schemes
  • Secure shorter-term infrastructure, service and station enhancements
  • Progress Restoring your Railway Schemes


Ongoing Work Programme – Addressing IRP gaps:

  • New station at Rotherham Mainline
  • Electrification and line speed improvements between Sheffield and South Kirkby junction/Doncaster
  • Four fast services to Leeds
  • Four fast services to Manchester
  • Two fast services to Hull


Other schemes – Non-IRP enhancements:

  • Line Speed improvements Hallam Line & Doncaster Humberside Lines
  • Second train per hour on Penistone Line
  • Further station service enhancements
  • Develop rail freight needs


M Swales concluded this is a complex fast-moving environment and to ensure that priorities are sharpened, we are positioning and representing ourselves in the right places. The Principal of the Leeds Area Network Review Group would represent South Yorkshire alongside Martin with additional links being established with the Principal at Network Rail. The timeframes for implementation are long, but decisions are quite short and by December the plan for Sheffield to Leeds should be agreed.

Members reminded the room that rail is not just important for connectivity but also for freight and, by having this on our front door, will enable us to influence national decision making.


The paper was welcomed and members raised the issue of ticketing being a big barrier for people.


It was confirmed The Mayor had written to the Prime Minister to raise issues regarding South Yorkshire and promises not being met. 



State of the South Yorkshire Economy pdf icon PDF 148 KB


Felix Kumi-Ampofo provided a presentation which included an overview of the national economy and a more detailed report on the South Yorkshire economy, which included the following areas: 

  • Transport
  • Employment
  • Unemployment
  • Health
  • Poverty in work
  • Salary
  • Universal Credit
  • Child Poverty
  • Business Density
  • Inflation
  • Fall in disposable income
  • Fuel Poverty
  • Energy Intensive Businesses
  • Cost of Living Vulnerability
  • Interest rises


It went on to discuss the launch of a new Data Intelligence Hub showcasing data across several areas with a proposed launch date of July 2022.


L Nickson requested a Working Win update. Dr Ruth Adams confirmed that she would provide information at a later date, but that the evaluation indicated there had been a significant number of referrals from Primary and Critical Health Care. An additional £3 million has been awarded to continue a similar model but concentrating on those already in work having difficulties, as the initial trial had indicated 70% of referrals had come from this cohort.


Members highlighted that there is a large north-south divide and provided statistics regarding health and how it relates to several areas, including housing and relationships and that this requires addressing in all policies. This was supported in the presentation due to participation rates, age, and ill health.


L Nickson queried whether the skill strategy and the issues it identifies gives us confidence in the pace we are moving at. F Kumi-Ampofo responded that things are moving as quickly as possible but explained there will be developments over the coming months. The plan is to pull a draft together over the summer and come back with a provisional timeline.


Dr Dave Smith noted that collectively the pace is not aligned and there is a need to adapt to circumstances with new solutions with all involved. During the pandemic, abilities were collectively demonstrated and this level of motivation needs finding again with a particular focus on certain areas.

Members discussed the issues around unemployment and low wages have been problematic in South Yorkshire for several years.



South Yorkshire Economic Summit - Next Steps pdf icon PDF 175 KB


A Gates gave an update on the economic summit which was attended by approximately 130 people which included a more diverse cohort than normal. It was recognised that the board would need to take ownership of diversity.


The update went on to explore:

  • Financial development
  • Land and Property
  • Innovation Ecosystems
  • Skills and Talent
  • Showcase South Yorkshire


L Nickson noted that there are issues the board is going to face in terms of engagement and that this is something which requires further work.  Members confirmed the mini summit ideas are positive, however, the board needs to mobilise to get different voices into the room.



LEP Review Integration Plan Process pdf icon PDF 156 KB


Dr Ruth Adams outlined the guidance and government requirements and the proposal to further engage the private sector in defining a purpose through a  workshop, currently being organised. 



Chief Executive's Update pdf icon PDF 97 KB


Dr Dave Smith informed the board of the following:  


·       The government is set to announce later this month the short list for Headquarter of the Great British Railways. 

·       South Yorkshire Business Advisory Group continue to meet regularly, the Shared Prosperity Fund allocation will be further considered in terms of investment by the beginning of August.


Questions were raised regarding the Levelling Up bid, and it was clarified that a delegate authority had been received from the MCA and further conversations would take place at the next LEP Board meeting.