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Overview and Scrutiny Committee

This page lists the meetings for Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Information about Overview and Scrutiny Committee

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee (OSC) is a vital part of the Mayoral Combined Authority’s (MCA) decision-making process.


The Committee hold the MCA to account and ensure that all aspects of the decision-making process are transparent, inclusive and fair.   The Committee are responsible for checking that the MCA is delivering its objectives and that the decisions made in policies, strategies and plans have been made in the best interests of the residents and workers of South Yorkshire.


Overview and Scrutiny Committee meetings are open to the public and are webcast. 


Members of the public can submit a question to the committee in advance of the meeting.  


Referral of matters to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee


Any member of one of the Constituent Councils may refer an issue or question to the MCA’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee. 


Elected Members are asked to contact any request for referring an issue to the Overview & Scrutiny Committee.


We have an archive of papers for this committee for meetings which took place before 31 March 2019, please click on the Archive link in the navigation menu.



Call-In Procedure

















Pursuant to statute and the MCA Constitution, the Overview & Scrutiny Committee has power to review or scrutinise decisions made in connection with the discharge of any functions which are the responsibilities of the Mayor or the Authority;


In particular, the Overview & Scrutiny Committee has power to review or scrutinise a decision which has been made but not yet implemented, and to direct that a decision is not to be implemented while it is under review or scrutiny by the Scrutiny Committee or to recommend that the decision be reconsidered.


“Call-in” is the term used for this practice of immediate post-decision scrutiny.




The statutory requirement for call-in is contained in Schedule 5A Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009 and allows Elected Members to call in a decision made by the Mayoral Combined Authority that has yet to be implemented.



The Overview and Scrutiny Committee cannot change the decision; however, it can refer the matter back to the decision maker to ask for the decision to be reviewed or consider an alternative course of action. 




The Call-In Process



Mayoral Combined Authority decisions are published on the SYMCA website within 3 clear working days of the meeting being held or decision taken.














Five members of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, to include at least one member from two different Constituent Councils, may call-in a decision eligible for call-in by written request to the Scrutiny Officer. The Scrutiny Officer will inform the people listed below:

a. The Overview & Scrutiny Committee

b. Chair and Portfolio Lead of the Mayoral Combined Authority

c. Statutory Officers of the Mayoral Combined Authority


Any request to call-in a decision must be made within 5 working days of the decision being published on the SYMCA website. 


A meeting of the Committee must be convened within 10 working days of the decision to call-in. In the event that it is not possible to convene a quorate scrutiny meeting within this period such a meeting must instead be convened as soon as practicable to consider the call in.



The following categories of decisions are not eligible for call-in:

a.       if it has already been considered by the Scrutiny Committee, and where recommendations have been accepted by the decision-maker either in whole or without significant addition or modification.

b.      a decision that the decision-taker has certified urgent (giving reasons) in accordance with the Authority’s Constitution,

c.       a decision relating to a matter which has already been the subject of a call-in during the previous six months;


At the Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting, a spokesperson for the Call-In signatories will explain the reason for call-in and present any appropriate documents.



The Chief Executive or their nominee will attend the Overview & Scrutiny Committee to give the Mayoral Combined Authority’s viewpoint and answer any questions from Overview & Scrutiny Committee



After debate, the Overview and Scrutiny Committee has two options:

·       To offer no recommendations, in which case the decision may be implemented immediately; or

·       To make recommendations back to the Mayoral Combined Authority with a request that the decision be reconsidered (with reasons). 



If the Overview and Scrutiny Committee makes recommendations, the Mayoral Combined Authority must then hold a meeting to reconsider the decision within 10 working days.  





The Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee may attend the Mayoral Combined Authority board meeting to present the Overview and Scrutiny Committee’s findings. 



The Mayoral Combined Authority can still decide to go ahead with implementing the decision, but a reason for this must be published if it goes against the Overview & Scrutiny Committee’s recommendation(s).